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Sit for a Portrait?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

I am painting in the gallery all next week and would dearly love you to come and sit for me. You can book in by emailing If you're gorgeous, fab. If you're all gnarly and knotty like the wonderful lollipop man I tried to recruit today, even better! You may agree to an orange tungsten light like the sitters in the picture, or you might want your dog on your lap (two for one!). I am ready for you, 8 cm brush in hand. No, seriously, you can choose the size. AND there's no obligation to buy anything. I'm just hoping to mount a show within a show at the end of the week. So PLEASE consider giving me a couple of hours of your time, The gallery is warm. There's music and nice people coming in and out. I'll even buy you coffee from Cut the Mustard, our local cafe.

Recent one-day paints by Jane tutored by Tim Benson of The Art Academy, Borough.

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