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Making Art

Pigments in oil, wax, inks.  Brushes.  Knives.
Blow torch. Light.  These are the tools I use to capture the paintings I perceive in nature, life's moments and people's faces.

Aristotle thought that an image or colour being perceived by the visual sense changed us physically, that something of the image became part of us.  

I do too.  I take that inward response and place it in the world through art-making.  It's the reason I paint.  To experience it deeply.  And possibly others will connect too.  Certainly, once it is on the canvas, it can be perceived by others who cab make their own absolutely unique response.  The work literally becomes theirs.  

I accept commissions for portraits of people and places.  In between, I paint whatever takes my fancy.  In the United Kingdom summer, I tend to paint traditional representative art in oils.  In the New Zealand summer, I pick up my blowtorch and make a more abstract response to my birth place.  

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The World.  From Wiltshire today.

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