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Why mount a show?

A few months ago, I genuinely had no need to show my work. "I am happy just painting," I said. Then, in response to Sprout Arts (London SW18 6SQ), I started what turned out to be more than 30 works to show April 2019.

Today, I read this in the "Feedback Please" box in the gallery (writer prepares to be unabashed as they are so lovely I must share): "To Jane, I love your work. It's fabulous. They must have taken a lot of time. :Love plus Pictures equals Happy People. Phoebe." I think Phoebe might be the lovely girl who came in with her mum and took a long time with the show guide.

And this (anon): "You have many skills and are also very funny. xxx"

And (from Nick): "What Sprout Arts is all about."

For adults to learn, they must first give up a belief. Children are empty vessels by comparison. For me to believe I could mount this exhibition, I had to give up the idea that I didn't need to show. But really, I had to give up the certainty that I COULDN'T show. And I am so glad I did. A lot of pestering from a friend, an invite from Sprout and a few uncommitted months of time provided the fabled triad of opportunity.

So why do I want you to know this? Because I spent years coaching people to live their passions profitably, sustainably and successfully on their terms. And I forgot about myself. So here are the questions you need to answer:

1. What would I love to do all the time for pleasure if I didn't need to earn money? (Something active, not Netflix!)

2. What could I do this week to advance one step towards this vision? (Simple do-able action.)

3. What might stop me? (What obstacle might stop that one simple do-able action?)

I am holding a workshop in Sprout on 13 April if the answer to 1 is "making art", even if you don't need to do it all the time but would like to add drawing or painting to your life. It will share the top tips from my three years' of wonderful study and everyone will go home with a frameable image - or that's the aim! You'll have a part to play in that! If you've always said "I can't draw", this is the one for you, because there are things you've not been told.

To register, go to and what's on. You need to book for sure as places are limited.

Love and light all


And the Preview is open!

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