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Portraits are a unique experience as much as they are a personal piece of art.  The skill of the paintbrush is a given, but the atmosphere and connection between sitter and artist is what creates the art. 

if you'd like to talk about a commission, a chat with me by email or phone costs you nothing.  You might be surprised how cost-effective a portrait is as a special gift.

Many people also request florals or other subjects and I find this particularly enjoyable.  We chat over images of paintings they like (famous and otherwise) and why they like them.  This helps me to understand and form the basis of a contract.  I sketch and submit ideas and, once I begin, there's more chat over progress sketches make it a joint enterprise.  

Prices relate mostly to the size of a painting or the intricacy required.  All materials used are the highest grade, including gold leaf where relevant. 

The purchaser is responsible for couriering the finished work upon completion and for framing.  

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