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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Making the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius is normally quite an investment. That remains true of your time, but I am not charging people at this time as I am in my final year, still training. And I have two spots left if any of the following apply:

You would like to discover your personal vocation and how to apply it

You wonder about you and God and why you're here. You don't have to have a faith - the questions are the main thing

You have ambitions that lie unrealised or disappointed and you wonder whether it's too late, or you cannot work out how to make them happen.

These are my bread and butter. Once I coached top executives and business owners. Now I walk in pilgrimage with people seeking God, still asking questions, but now, helping people to hear what the Creator and creation is saying to their hearts.

The Exercises begin with a foundation that is for everyone. This may lead to a pilgrimage through the Exercises, but not always. You need a willingness and ability to set aside a good chunk of time undisturbed at the same time every day and another chunk to meet with me each week, or fortnight, on Zoom.

I'll be in New Zealand from November 2023 and the United Kingdom from May 2024, working on Zoom from both

. Click the "email me" button on this site if you'd like to know more and even have a little sample of to help you decide whether Ignatian spirituality may be for you.

Thanks for reading.



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