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Female Potter Making Mug


How can we find it?

We aren't taught at school how to find original inspiration, nor once we are out in the world.  Never, I would argue, has this been more important; when the world is at war, resources are scarce, more expensive daily; we live as individuals, less as community, thrown on our own resources to understand complex issues. 

For an artist perhaps, the finding of inspiration is easier, as it's part of the job description.   Maybe this skill is a transferable asset.  This new part of my website is an experiment to see whether sharing my process will be of value to anyone.  

It also advertises a new activity in which I've been engaged for 12 months.  I am training part-time as a "spiritual director" (a definition is below).  In my bio, you can read that I was formerly a coach and business consultant.  These are highly practical, empowering activities delivering inspiration for others.  This spiritual aspect takes my work to another level just as it has done always in my hidden life.  

Inspiration: Image
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