Holding a Paintbrush

Meet Jane

Lover of Creation and Creating.

Jane is self-taught, painting since 2017 at local classes.  

New Faces 2017 at Sprout Arts Gallery was her first place in a public show.  Her current (and first solo) show “Unframed” was conceived Christmas 2018 and almost all pieces were painted fast for the April show, increasing Jane’s skill and confidence immeasurably.  

“Unframed”, the name, arrived as Jane was preparing the drawing workshop - Beginner's Mind - A Way to See and Paint - she gave on 13 April.  She says the lessons learned making art have taught, unboxed, unframed and undone her.  For the good. 

Sprout Art’s commitment is to making original art accessible, so Jane wanted local people, whether members of Sprout or not (yet), to participate in the inspiration and making of this show.  She painted in the gallery, inviting 10 local people to sit for portraits at a rate of two a day. She invited Alan Hepburn, the living painter who inspires her the most, to give a workshop on 6 April.  You will see Jane’s experiments with “apprenticeship” in her Crail Harbour paintings. 

A little bit more about Jane:

Jane was born in the Ruahine Ranges, a mountainous range near Palmerston North, New Zealand.  Her father was a shepherd and her mother a nurse before her marriage.  Both grew up in Wanganui, where they returned when Jane was 8 years old, her father going on to become a successful businessman.  She drew prolifically and wishes now she'd known then that Picasso began with doodles.   It was second nature for Jane, but sadly, her art was not encouraged despite anc early competition win with the Wanganui Art Gallery.  It would be more than 30 years before Jane would get the opportunity she needed, opening a studio in Furzedown, South London.  In the meanwhile, Jane's image creation was well-rewarded in a career as a public relations consultant, beginning with the Financial Times in 1987 and completing in 1999 as MD of a financial PR practice.  She became an executive coach in the City after the birth of her daughter in 2000.   In 2017, Jane finally began to paint, having drawn over the years, but being increasingly bewitched by the prospect of rendering what she saw in colour. 


Artist in Residence

Jane created a mini show within UNFRAMED, her April 2019 exhibition at Sprout Arts.  She painted portraits live in the gallery and mounted a mini show within her show at the end of the week. 
If you would like to explore having a portrait painted, or a sketch done, click the button below.  Discussing it with Jane is half the fun!



London SW17 9QF, UK


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