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Meet Elle

Lover of Creation and Creating.

Elle?  What happened to Jane?  And who is Eleanor?  Let me explain. 

I am now living in New Zealand.  Covid turned a long-planned sabbatical into a permanent move.  Although I cannot WAIT to visit Europe again when the masks are off.  (Yes, I know.  I'm very fortunate and grateful to my wonderful family and friends for coping with this news.) In New Zealand, I simply cannot use Jane.  There's the excitement of people who think I'm the film director, then obvious disappointment that I'm just me.  So, at last (yes, grandmother), I am using my legal first name.  And I'm seeking a new studio with a bed in the corner.  

This website has become my new way to share this life and my art.  Posting on Facebook will lose me more locked-down friends than it will win me.  

So welcome!  I'm hoping you're about to see something very new emerging.  



The World.  From New Zealand right now.

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